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I never cared to begin with and never will. {jerk}
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Time was wasted making all of this, especially since the person making this did a lot of crap for it.
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I want things to be a little different, Character and plot wise. (Post Suggestions IF YOU CARE)
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      I'm not gonna be the bitter one who's gonna sit here and go one some huge rant about stuff. But I wanna know a few things about whats going on when it comes to RnA. Because I feel like I went into this thing thinking it was going to be something serious only to realize that its being shoved to the side. Maybe its because I like the idea o creating my own stories and actually publishing them someday. And the fact that English is my favorite subject and being an author would be one of my life goals. I just wanna know the following things;

        Did you wanna actually do this in the first place?
        Where you actually ever serious about it? {Not to say you weren't}
        Did you wanna do something and just didn't tell me?
        Why'd you decide to disappear from here in the 1st place?
        Is it my fault?
        Did you wanna continue with the stories or not?

      I deleted LT because that story didn't have a set plot. Yeah, drinking, partying, and sex isn't gonna make for all that great of a story after a while. Its just gonna end up repeating itself. I'm not saying that, the story somehow can't be made over or whatever it just needs a plot worth writing. Infatuation actually seems a bit solid. There are things in there actually make since and won't seem like your typical sappy love story. I get you probably don't love the fact that you don't have a MAJOR GIRL CHARACTER,,.that you like, to play. Doesn't mean you can't fix Hailey somehow. But onyway. I just wanna know if you wanna continue this or not. Its not like I'm sitting here telling you you have to do it. If you don't want to you don't want to I'm used to crud like that happening anyways. Just answer the questions or whatever so I can know what to do with this place.

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